What happens when there is No eurocon for two years

Gareth Kavanagh


At the Eurocon in Amiens we made some changes to how we carry out site selection, these are up for ratification a the Eurocon in Belfast, Northern Ireland in August. There was a very valid point made during the discussion of what would happen in the situation where there is no Eurocon for two years in a row, which means that there is no location to host a Site selection for a Eurocon.

While this is currently unlikely the board promised that we would look at resolving this in a future amendment.

Before creating the formal amendment, we wanted to run the options past people to see if they had any thoughts on them.

1. The board can call an EGM of the ESFS committee to carry out Site Selection.
2. The board can select from among the various Bids
3. The board can invite a group to run a Eurocon.

The board would prefer to go with option 1, though there are issues with calling the ESFS committee together, and we would have to look at reworking the entirety of the text on the EGM, as we believe that the powers of an EGM should be limited more than they currently are. 

We would prefer not to go with option 2, as this would give a lot more responsibility to the board, and would also require that we create a process for bids to register. 

Option 3, we would consider as  last resort in a situation where no one was willing to bid, and it might be worth looking at.

do people have thoughts on other options we might consider and any feedback on the ones i have mentioned above.

Gareth Kavanagh
Secretary of the Board of the ESFS

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